Cracked Colored Eggs

So I had seen this pretty new way to color eggs, only you had to leave the egg in the dye for several hours. Well I accidentally made these when I decided there just wasn’t room in my refrigerator for several coffee cups full of egg dye. So here’s what I did:

First I used the age old concoction of food coloring, water and vinegar to dye my eggs. I have some neon colored food coloring and standard colors as well.
First dye the egg as you normally would. Remove it from the colored water and let it dry.
Next, roll the egg around on a hard surface cracking the shell all around, but not enough to remove the shell, you want it to stay on.
put the cracked egg back into the dye and leave in there for a minute or so.
Remove and let dry then refrigerate. 
Now that’s all I did. 20 minutes later I opened the refrigerator for a drink of water and this is what the result was. :) Cool huh?


  1. Amanda says

    No it actually doesn’t. However, if you leave the eggs in the dye for several hours it will. That was the original thing I was going to do but didn’t have room in the fridge for all those coffee cups full of dye, so I ended up removing them after just a couple of minutes. :)

  2. Barb, sfo says

    My daughter left an egg in overnight once just to see what would happen. The shell was starting to disintegrate in the vinegar and dye…and it was turning gray instead of whatever color she had in there.

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