How to Make Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Dominic, my 12 year old, is the youngest of 4 kids. He still enjoys hanging out in the kitchen with me. He’ll make cakes, brownies, chop onions, brown hamburger meat, doesn’t matter, he just likes to cook. Decorating Easter eggs is definitely one of his favorite things to do, but as he grows older we try to find different ways to color eggs outside of the typical plain pastels. That’s when we decided to get a little messy in the kitchen with these tie dyed Easter eggs!

If you are looking for more Easter egg decorating ideas, check out my craft blog. I have posted 7 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs! Also, my friend Randa has several awesome ideas for decorating Easter eggs

Clorox told me about a contest they are having for their Facebook fans. It’s appropriately named the Cook Up a Mess Contest. They are looking for pictures of you and your kids getting messy in the kitchen, you could win a trip for four to New York City! How fun! If you’d like to enter but need a little inspiration, scroll to the bottom of the contest page where you will find a link that will give you several ideas and even some recipes. You’ll have to hurry though, the contest ends on Tuesday, March 29th!

Clorox asks me to spread the word (and compensated me for my time) by giving you an example of how WE get messy in the kitchen. Even though Dominic is much older now and doesn’t make the mess he used to (heck I still make a huge mess when I cook haha!) he’s still a messy guy and loves to get his hands dirty. :)

I’m going to show you two different methods of making these.

To make tie dye Easter eggs you are going to need:

Method One:
plastic wrap for the counter
liquid food coloring
a small spray bottle with water (or a small cup of water)
rubber band
empty cardboard egg carton to hold eggs

Method Two:
plastic wrap for the counter

paper towels
liquid food coloring
a small spray bottle with water (or a small cup of water)
empty cardboard egg carton to hold eggs
Method One:

Layer the counter with plastic wrap. Cut cheesecloth into 6″ lengths.

Get the cheesecloth wet and wring it out.

Place a boiled egg into the center of the cheesecloth.

Gather the ends of the cheesecloth together tightly around the egg and secure with a rubber band.

Hold egg by the rubber banded end and add drops of food coloring to the damp cheesecloth.

Leave some white space, but use whatever colors you like.

Spray it with water. The less water you use the darker the colors, the more water you use the more muted your colors will be.

The idea is to allow the water to blend the colors together, but not completely combine them into one big color blob. :-P

Carefully hug the egg with your hand and gently squeeze out any excess food coloring and water.

Place in the cardboard egg carton to dry.

I told you it was messy!

Quit looking at me like that.

Jeez Dominic, look at the mess you made.

Clorox to the rescue :)

Spray and wipe.

Lovely. :)

You can let all the eggs dry in a cardboard egg carton, or you can be like me and speed up the process using a hair dryer on cool setting.

Unwrap and revel in your amazingness.

Method Two:

The second method is a little different. Take a piece of paper towel, get it wet and wring it the water, you just want it to be damp. Open it up and place it on the plastic wrap lined counter.

Drip some food coloring in the center of the paper towel. No need to accidentally drip any on the corners like me. Unless of course you want to…

Place egg in the center of the colors and gather the paper towel around the egg.

Get it wet using a spray bottle.

Squeeze out the excess and set in cardboard egg carton to dry.

Don’t forget, if you want more ideas, head over to my craft blog where I have 7 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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  1. Barbara @ Modern Comfort Food says

    My "little" one is 28 now, but I'm certain we'd both have a blast making this fun Easter project together. Way to go girl on bringing your seriously creative craft chops to the kitchen! And the thought occurs that if we wear our tie dyed T-shirts we won't have to worry about the mess factor at all.

  2. yvette says

    Looks like a really fun experience! Your tutorial was clear and informative…a real adventure!yvette@twistedvines

  3. RedTedArt says

    Oh wow! These look wonderful! Aren't you simply too clever. I love love love!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  4. jfb57 says

    This is a fascinating! I found you via Red Ted Art! I have set up a link over at the Head's Office for crafty mums to link their fantastic ideas that can be shared with teachers. I'd love it if you could link!

  5. AmberAndAshley says

    Thanks for sharing this idea.:) Me and my sister are 14 and 15 we’ll have fun with this!Thanks its brilliant.:D


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