Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I’m not a cake decorator. Have never claimed to be, but I guess that’s what I liked so much about these bunny cupcakes. You don’t have to be a decorator to make them. They are easy enough for anyone and oh so cute, who could resist? Easter is coming, so you might want to add these to your list of things (fun things!) to do.

Easter Bunny CupcakesI made these Easter Bunny Cupcakes for Betty Crocker’s website last year. Originally I made them with the little marshmallow paws, but then the editors asked me to redo them without the paws.

Easter Bunny CupcakesSo we ATE the army of bunnies with the paws… no not really! I actually gave them to a neighbor who took them in to work.

Easter Bunny CupcakesThen I made a new batch and left off the feet, these are cute too yes?

Not sure which version I like better.

Easter Bunny CupcakesBetty Crocker ended up keeping the originals anyway! No matter. More cupcakes for us. :)

NOTE: If you decide to make these, DON’T cover the cupcakes in a closed container for too long of the moisture will sag and break the gum ears. Trust me. I know.

You can get the complete recipe over at Betty Crocker here!



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