Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

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Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

When I was a teenager I was thin. In fact, I could eat anything I wanted. My weight was never issue and I figured it would be that way forever. Boy was I wrong! I had my first child when I was 25 and I gained 52 pounds during my pregnancy. I dropped 20 right after having the baby, but that extra 32 pounds stuck around. Tackling my weight loss issues wasn’t easy.

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

It was less than two years later that I was bringing my second child into the world. I was still overweight and started exercising and tried to improve my diet. I did manage to drop about 15 pounds before I moved across the country and disrupted my exercise routine. Before I knew it baby #3 and baby #4 came and I was still overweight.

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

Well, I am always up for a challenge and willing to try something new, especially when it’s been proven to work. Nutrisystem is one of those proven systems, only now you can get the Nutrisystem’s 5-Day Weight Loss Kit at your local Walmart!

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

I tried the kit, here’s what came in mine.

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

I worried that the food would be bland and tasteless, but I was wrong! The flavors are great and there’s quite a variety as you can see. The kit comes with a 5 day meal plan and suggests you add in your own groceries as well, such as fresh produce.

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

Find Nutrisystem at Walmart! This kit is available exclusively at nearly 2,000 WalMart stores! You can find the nearest Walmart to you that carries the Nutrisystem 5-Day Weight Loss kit by visiting here.

Try the #Nutri5DayKit from Nutrisystem at WalMart

There’s also a 5-day Nutrisystem kit designed for people losing weight to help manage their diabetes available in the pharmacy section of all stores. So if you’ve always wanted to try the system but not sure you wanted to commit, now you can try it for a week and see what you think. Head to WalMart to grab your own 5 day kit!

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  1. Jodi says

    WOW! This is really cool. I will say your post is about 3 days too late. I just ordered 10 days of food from Jenny Craig and it was over $200! I just cannot get this last 5 lbs off of me and was desperate. I think this is a great tool to try the program, or for someone like me that is at the gym 5+ days a week and has hit the plateau, this will keep you on track. Thank you for tip!

  2. Kelly says

    I know this kit is just to be used as a jump start or a sample of the plan, but does anyone just buy 1 kit a week? Curious because it would be cheaper than buying the plan online.

    • says

      That’s a good question Kelly. I’m sure there’s no hard fast rule, but you would be eating the same things every week. It’s just a small sampling of what they have to offer. But I’m sure you certainly could!

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