Manwich for Lunch or Dinner and a Giveaway!

This post brought to you by Manwich. All opinions are 100% mine.

Manwich and a Giveaway

If you haven’t had Manwich lately, you should really toss some in your shopping cart next time you hit the store! They have different varieties, aside from the original, such as “Bold” and “Thick and Chunky”. Have you seen any of the Manwich TV Ads lately? I remember eating Sloppy Joes as a kid and we have them even now with our kids. However, with my older two kids out on their own now and the younger two off with their friends all the time, dinner time has been a bit scarce lately. So instead, I called my good friend and neighbor, Debra, and asked if her grandkids would like to give it a try! Manwich and a Giveaway

They were so excited when they heard they were going to be on the blog. I’m kinda famous ya know. ;-) At least to them I am! So, great sports that they are, they donned their Manwich bibs and waited patiently for me to come over to make Manwich. Debra had already browned and drained the ground beef, so all that was left to do was add in the Manwich! What could be easier?

Manwich and a Giveaway

In fact, it was so easy that I asked Michael, Debra’s 12 year old grandson, to make it for us.

Manwich and a Giveaway

Ashton was pretty hungry by the time I got there. He held off on lunch while I was busy working on a deadline. By the time I got there he was good and ready to eat!

Manwich and a Giveaway

This is Michael and Ashton saying grace before they ate. Ashton’s prayer was pretty quick and he went right to eating before Michael was done. He was hungry after all! He’s sure God would understand. ;-)

Manwich and a Giveaway

Both boys LOVED their Manwiches. In fact, Debra commented that’s she hasn’t seen Ashton eat an entire sandwich like that before. And believe me, he polished it off!

Manwich and a Giveaway

Michael? He ate 3 sandwiches! They both loved the original while Debra and I sampled the Bold and Thick and Chunky, both were delicious!

Manwich and a Giveaway

Good thing we had those bibs.

Manwich and a Giveaway

And the wipes helped too! :)

Manwich and a Giveaway

The Giveaway

Remember that bundle of goodies at the top of the post? Well, I’m going to give one of those away PLUS a brand new Calphalon pan! You must have a U.S. shipping address and enter to win no later than August 30, 2013.

The Prizes

- Win a Manwich Weekend Meal Prize Pack valued at $100!

  • 1 sample of each of the three Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce varieties
  • 4 mess-friendly Manwich bibs
  • Manwich wooden spoon
  • Calphalon saucepan
  • Mess-free wipes
  • $30 gift card for groceries

How to Enter

To enter first visit the Manwich Recipes page and then come back to this post and leave a comment telling me which recipe you’d like to try! Good luck and happy eating!

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  1. london ingoglia says

    I think the Sloppy Joe tacos look yummy. I never really thought of using it any other way before. Yum….

  2. Mo says

    I seen a few that looked good! I have never thought to us it in a different way other then regular sloppy joes! But I like the Sloppy Joe Dip, that seems fun for parties!

  3. Anne says

    The Chuckwagon Turkey and Bean Skillet looks yummy. I can only ever get my family to eat ground turkey if its well hidden and this would do the trick.

  4. Nick says

    The Sloppy Joe Cornbread Bake looks delicious! I mean, they ALL look delicious, but that one looks extra delicious!

  5. Joyce Berry says

    It’s really hard to choose from all because they all sound good. I’d like to try the sweet and sour meatballs, saucy wings and my husband would love the first sandwich with the roast beef. I have used Manwich in my spaghetti sauce before and it really gives it a kick!!

  6. Carol Ballata says

    OK, I had a hard time choosing, but the shredded beef sandwich looked
    really good. Runner up, the cocktail meatballs. Think I will def try those for Bunco

  7. Cheryl says

    I would like to try the Meatball Hoagies recipe. I remember eating meatball sandwiches when I was a kid and would love to try one again.

  8. Morgan C. says

    I would make the Sloppy Joe Slider Pull Aparts. The Hawaiian bread would be amazing paired with sloppy joes. Ahhh!

  9. says

    There’s nothing like a Manwich! I never thought of making them any other way. Those recipes look great–I’d probably try the Sloppy Joe’s Tacos (maybe even with turkey) or the Grands Unsloppy Joes!

  10. Jodi says

    Oh gosh, when it’s Manwich nite in this house, the boys go nuts! Thank you for posting this because I had NO idea that they had new flavor offerings! I will be on the lookout and put some of these ideas to work.

  11. S. Harris says

    WOW, cool! I loved Manwich when I was a kid but I haven’t had it in years. This would be a great chance to introduce it to my daughter, who has never had it! I would make the Sloppy Joe Slider Pull Aparts, they look SO cute and easy to eat! Manwich on Hawaiian bread sounds wonderful and savory sweet.

  12. KAY HIRT says

    WOW! What an eye opener! I never knew so many things could be made from Manwich! I have no clue what to make first. I think I will make the meatloaf first, then the Tacos, pulled beef and make them all. Sure has got me MANWICH hungry.

  13. Deanne H, says

    I would make the sloppy joe pull aparts. I absolutely love Manwich. It’s such an easy great tasting dinner. It takes me back to being a kid.

  14. Jean says

    Umm, the meatball sandwich sounds like a good winter kind of meal so I think I would like to try that one, although we love the original Manwich sandwiches – that’s what’s for dinner tonight as a matter of fact! I even top mine with coleslaw – Love it!

  15. Deborah Phillips says

    I will be trying the sliders and the Unsloppy Janes, use to make for my kids and we all loved them. I will be making again for my husband and I. Thanks for bringing them to light again.

  16. Donna Dumont says

    I want to try the meatball hoagie. It looks so good. I love to eat Manwich as a dinner. It is so easy and so delicious!

  17. Stephanie G says

    I’d love to try the sloppy joe tacos those sound different and like they would be good and recipe got 5 stars by reviewers!

  18. Sunny C says

    The Recipe for the Tangy Sweet Pork Chops and the Sloppy Joe Cornbread looks so good. I can not wait to try these!!! Thank-You :-)

  19. Heather says

    My family would love to try the Sloppy Joe Slider Pull Aparts! Who doesn’t love Hawaiian Rolls and Manwich?!

  20. Carol Vand says

    I would not hesitate to use the Bold Manwich using the Meatball Sub recipe. My teens would eat these up and likely go for more! Great, quick meal idea.

  21. says

    Creamy sloppy joe bites look dangerously addictive! I had no idea I could use Manwich for chicken… Or anything besides burger! What a concept. I have to pin this now!

  22. says

    Seems like the kids are having great fun. I know my kids would love it just as much. Boy, there are so many yummy recipe on their site and the Sloppy Joe’s Turkey Tacos sounds delicious. Can’t wait to make it.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  23. Lisa says

    I would like to try the Sloppy Joe Biscuit Casserole. I have made the Sloppy Joe Cornbread casserole ans it is awesome! My family often ask for it!!

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