Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

Here we are, halfway through August and I’m sure you’ve given your grill a good workout so far. There’s nothing quite like fresh sweet corn grilled inside the husk, or fresh vegetables bouncing around in a grill basket to get my stomach growling! I have several favorites for summertime grilling, but with my family health history, it’s important to keep those dishes heart healthy as well.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

While I love a good, juicy hamburger or a thick, hearty steak, I can’t indulge on red meat all the time. I love pork and chicken and eat it often, especially on the grill! While there are some delicious marinades out there and plenty of tasty sauces, sometimes all your need is a brushing of heart healthy corn oil (like Mazola) and a tasty seasoning blend. Check out Mazola’s grilling recipes for more ideas for your grill!

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

In fact, meat isn’t the only thing that benefits from this treatment. I love to drizzle a little corn oil on potatoes, onions, bell peppers and asparagus to prepare them for the grill.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

A little sprinkling of seasoning adds just the right touch!

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

After I’ve preheated the grill and cleaned off any remaining particles from our last cookout with a grill brush, I put a little corn oil on to a folded piece of paper towel. Grab that paper towel square with a pair of tongs and rub it on your grill grates. This helps prep the grates and keeps your food from sticking.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

A grill basket is a marvelous tool! If you don’t have one, you can find the one that I have here – Weber Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket. I love it because you’ll never lose your vegetables between the grates again! Just rub a little corn oil on the inside of the basket before adding the vegetables.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

Cooking on the grill has always been a favorite of mine, and as I mentioned it’s important to me that my meals be heart healthy.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

My mother passed away from heart disease when she was 45 years old. I am now 46 myself and can’t lie, I worry about it all the time! Using healthier ingredients eases that worry a bit. Mazola uses plant sterols for a heart healthy option to other oils on the market.

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

The Giveaway

Remember several weeks ago I said I was going to have a giveaway with some fun grilling items? Well, that time is here! You must have a U.S. shipping address and enter no later than August 30, 2013.

The Prizes

One lucky winner will receive the following prize pack:

  • Weber grill mitt
  • Weber grilling apron
  • 4 flavored seasonings from Weber
  • 2 Weber marinades
  • 1 bottle Mazola Corn Oil
  • 2 bottles of Weber barbecue sauce

To Enter

Leave a comment on this post answering at least one of the following questions. For extra entries, answer more than one question BUT make sure you leave a separate comment for each one!

  • What are your favorite grilling meals?
  • Do you have a “must make” meal for the grill each summer?
  • How often do you cook on your grill during the warm season and why?

Summer Grilling Favorites & a Giveaway!

Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say! Good luck and happy grilling!

Disclosures: Mazola thinks I’m fun, so they asked me participate in this summer grilling campaign with them. They did compensate me for my time, but all the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Also, there’s an Amazon link in this post (grilling basket). If you happen to click through and buy something there, I will earn a small percentage from that sale. 


  1. Kathleen says

    I grill all year long(even in the snow), but in the summer i grill at least five times a week. I just love the taste and ease of cooking on the grill.

  2. Bobbie Asche says

    My must meal is a NY Strip steak with grilled corn… Thanks for the giveaway… Hope I win, I love using weber grill seasonings…

  3. laurie mahoney says

    Hubby does most of the grilling here. we grill all summer long and in the fall.
    Steaks, chicken, burgers, squash, asparagus.

  4. Patty says

    My “must make” would be chicken breasts, lots of chicken breasts. I grill a dozen at a time, then freeze them in pairs. They’re perfect for a quick meal, with so many options.

  5. Patty says

    Normally, we use the grill 2-3 times a week in the summer, because we live in the desert, and I’ll do anything to keep the kitchen heat to a minimum.

  6. Ashley Addison says

    We really only get to maybe once or twice a month, but if it wasn’t so hot here durinf the summer months we would grill more.

  7. barbara n says

    We grill out almost every night all year round…to the point that I want to cook something in the oven because I miss it!

  8. Deb Ebner says

    We MUST have what my kids call “summer potatoes” – sliced potatoes and onions with minced garlic, butter, salt and pepper in foil packets, grilled until the edges of the of the potatoes are crispy brown.

  9. Deb Ebner says

    We cook on the grill at least once a week – winter spring, summer, fall and more often in the summer. We just love grilled foods! And yes, we grill in MN all winter long!

  10. tcmary says

    Since summer is so short inn the northeast, I tend to grill at least five days a week in the summer. I have been know to grill all winter, in my boots out in the snow.

  11. Lori H says

    We like to grill a variety of foods. I really enjoy hamburgers on the grill and I like to grill in the summer so the oven doesn’t warm the house up in the summer.
    Thanks :-)

  12. Lynne Essig says

    First, let me say how happy i am to see my griddle grill on your page.. I just bought the weber baby q 120 and i am enjoying experimenting with it.. I purchased the veggie basket and some of their seasonings.. Just this afternoon i used the veggie grill on some quartered potatoes and the beer can chicken on my chicken breast.. Thoroughly enjoying my quality products.. So glad to see thay u are too!

  13. Angie Huckleby says

    we cook at least 5 or 6 times a week on the grill. Our apartment is tiny and gets smokin hot when we turn the oven on so cooking on the grill is a lifesaver!

  14. Erika Blankenship says

    I love grilling “atomic buffalo turds” its a jalapeno filled with a cream cheese mixture with a lil smokie wrapped in bacon smothered in bbq and cook on the grill!

  15. Ann says

    What are your favorite grilling meals? Chicken and asparagus with red potatoes
    Do you have a “must make” meal for the grill each summer? Shrimp kabobs
    How often do you cook on your grill during the warm season and why? At least twice a week – cuts costs and keeps house cool.

    Thanks! I want to win this for someone who just bought their first home.

  16. Pat says

    What food I love the best is my husbands fresh caught blue fish…… Marinated I his secret recipe then smeared with some mayo and onto a bed of iceberg lettuce…..lid down and the residual moisture in lettuce steams the fish to perfection….. Sooo yummy…..!

  17. Sunny C says

    My must make go to meal, which I make on the grill every year is: Marinated Chicken Breasts, Corn on the cob, and fresh seasonal veggies!

  18. Sunny C says

    I cook on my Grill year round!!! :-) In the Winter, when its raining(lol)Spring, and numerous times in the Summer.
    I BBQ at least once a week, as I enjoy it so much, and the foods are always varied and taste Wonderful every time!!!

  19. Dina says

    We grill at least twice a week in the summer months because it is so nice out. But we really grill all year long!
    Happy grilling!

  20. Grace C. says

    All time must have grill meal is Korean BBQ. Anyone who hasn’t had Korean BBQ must have it once, you will never not have it again.

  21. Heather B says

    Favorite grilling meals besides steaks obviously would be Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken and Grilled Lemon and Herb Pork Chops.

  22. rachel says

    We just got a grill this year so we’ve been taking full advantage of it, grilling out at least once a week!

  23. Tammy says

    My favorite is grilled corn and the small end of bbq ribs with bbq sauce and then placed back on the grill for a minute more.

  24. April V says

    I usually always try to put a tenderloin on the grill every once in a while..a little change from the usual oven baking.

  25. April V says

    We usually try to cook on the grill about once per week in the summer because nothing screams summer like that good char-grill taste!!

  26. says

    We are “beginners” on the grill, and recently purchased a small portable propane grill. I’ve been a little scared to grill anything so far besides burgers and dogs!

  27. Hillary s says

    •How often do you cook on your grill during the warm season and why?

    We grill quite often — mostly to not heat up the kitchen.

  28. Alicia J. says

    Normally my husband grills every week during the spring, summer and fall. this year he hasn’t touched the grill. And I can’t cook on grills. I burn myself every time.

  29. Barbara Bingham says

    1. My favorite grilling meals are chicken and steaks.
    2. Must make meal would be corn on the cob and chicken.
    3. I try to grill at least 3 to 4 times a week during the summer to help keep my home cool and to save on the ligt bill.

  30. Paula Rohm says

    My husband and our families favorite grill items are steaks on the grill and his delicious hamburgers, So good. We also have a seasonal item we like is cabbage on the grill. Slice up the cabbage and place in aluminum foil, you can add what ever you like, and what ever spices, a bit of butter. Its so good. So much you can do on the grill. Love your asparagus suggestion.

  31. Vivian says

    favorite grilled meal is slow grilled barbequed chicken or ribs, with a veggie basket, and grilled corn on the cob!

  32. Carrie Ann says

    Favorite thing to grill is veggies in the Weber grilling basket. They taste so great and mt family gets their veggies in.

  33. Carrie Ann says

    Almost every day in the summer the grill is used, even when its raining, we’re under the canopy grilling. Definitely 4-5 days a week.

  34. Megan says

    I love when my husband makes a grilled potato packet. He cuts up the potatoes, adds butter, Lawry’s & other seasonings, onions, and a bunch of cheese and lets it cook. Soooo yummy!

  35. Megan says

    Unfortunately my husband and I live an in apartment where you can’t have a real grill so we have been using our big George Foreman electric grill that stands up and looks like a real grill. We use it at least once a week but I think when we live somewhere that he can finally have his grill, it will be much more often during the summer!

  36. Whitney Lindeman says

    Our must-make grilled meal would be a toss-up between grilled pizza or grilled tandoori chicken kabobs with veggies.

  37. laura says

    Of course grilled hamburgers on the bun. They are so good. We grill red peppers first and peel them. The corn is next, hamburgers, then red onions.Bun buttered and toasted. Oh soo good.

  38. Mary Ann Di Flaviano says

    I will grill (or try to) grill almost anything. My favorite is steak, but after that, any type of kebob from spiedinis to shish kebobs to Argentinian grills with chimichurri.

  39. says

    My favorite grilling meal is ribeye steaks, corn on the cob and grilled peaches for dessert.

    This is a fun giveraway prize pack and thank you so much for hosting. :)

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  40. Chris Thomas says

    I’ll grill anything except soup. Some of my favorites are rib eyes. When I lived in NY, when it snowed I shoveled 3 paths; the driveway, to the mail box and to the BBQ. In the old days, they stopped selling charcoal after Labor Day. After that, I’d either strike a deal with a local store manager or wait for the clearance sales and purchase at least 300-500 lbs of charcoal to get me through the winter. That was in the days before gas grills.

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