Hershey’s Spreads – don’t be jealous

You may have seen this post from me on Instagram a week ago. Yeah, I was happily enjoying a chocolate flavored treat courtesy of Hershey’s Spreads! They sent me three fabulous flavors, all of which i can’t wait to make something delicious with. I haven’t decided if I’ll bake it into something, like cake, or cookies or muffins… mmm! Or maybe make some sort of sweet dip for a salty snack. it’s almost Super Bowl time and everyone around here loves chocolate with a salty twist. Of course, these are awesome slathered across graham crackers or toast, or with peanut butter and sliced banana on soft white bread! If you had a jar right now, what would you do?

I’m leaning toward something with cake. Not sure if it will be in the frosting or in the actual cake, haven’t decided quite yet. There’s some definite possibilities though and I can’t wait to decide on something and get baking! I have three flavors to choose from: chocolate, chocolate with hazelnut and chocolate with almond. So many choices!

I’ll share the recipe with you soon as well as an awesome giveaway! Meanwhile these babies just hit store shelves on December 6th, so don’t be jealous that I have some. Head out to the store and grab yours today! You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Janis Shultz says

    Is this product coming from Mexico. Hershey has moved some of their products there. I’m boycotting anything from Mexico.

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